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A Broader View on Booking Rooms.
Evoko Room Manager – A pioneer within hassle-free 
booking and efficient room usage.  
The difficulty in finding unoccupied meeting rooms, and 
misunderstandings with regard to bookings are often due to 
confusing routines and cumbersome techniques. Evoko Room 
Manager is a solution which uses elegant touch-screens 
located outside the conference rooms to make the booking 
status clear and visible to all your employees right at the 
meeting room door.  Book as usual – via Outlook or Google 
Calendar, via the cloud or by using your smartphone/tablet. 
You can also book or extend a meeting directly on the 
screen outside the meeting room simply by touching the 
distinct icons.
The intuitive communication interface, along with the fact 
that no new software need be installed on the computers, 
allows all employees to start using the system without any 
training whatsoever. If you like, you can even let Evoko Room 
Manager monitor whether your bookings are actually being 
used or not – and automatically free up any unused bookings. 
Evoko Room Manager EVO – turns meeting room information 
into a decision-making support: Meeting Intelligence.
Evoko Room Manager EVO is an improved version for you 
who have a large number of meeting rooms. Now you have 
the means to monitor the status of all your touch-screens, 
change settings and upgrade the software remotely from 
your computer – Remote Management. Just as simply, 
you can gather valuable statistics to optimise the use of 
company resources and cut costs considerably. You can 
also see how many of your meetings that are booked 
spontaneously, are extended or are booked without anyone 
showing up, and thus improving your meeting discipline 
and culture. This is a form of Business Intelligence based 
on what is perhaps your most vital resource: your employees. 
In addition to Remote Management and Statistics, Evoko 
Room Manager EVO features all the great functions found in 
Evoko Room Manager. 
Visit www.evoko.se for the latest information.
Evoko Room Manager. Touch. Schedule. Meet.
Evoko Room Manager
• Easy to use
• Clarifies the booking status right outside the meeting room
• Green for free – red for occupied
• No meeting room remains unused due to someone having 
  forgotten to cancel
• Important meetings are no longer interrupted by people knocking  
  on doors checking to see if the room is free
• Book as usual – via Outlook or Google Calendar, via the cloud, 
  by using your smartphone/tablet or directly on the screen outside  
  of the meeting room.
• Easy to install
• No new hardware or software needs to be added to your own  
  system – no infringement of IT security.
• Supports MS Exchange server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Office 365 
  and Google Apps for Business
Evoko Room Manager EVO
• Valuable statistics – saves you a considerable amount of time  
  and cuts costs. By analysing the data the Evoko Room Manager EVO  
  gathers, a clear decision-making support is offered allowing    
  you to optimise the company’s use of resources and to improve
  the company’s meeting culture.
• Remote Management – manage the installation faster and
  smoother than ever. You can monitor all units, upgrade the
  software and update the settings remotely from your computer.
• Simplicity – just at easy and efficient as Evoko Room Manager has  
  always been.
• Supports MS Exchange server 2007 (only EWS), 2010, 2013 
  and Office 365.