Справочник Пользователя для Canon pixma ip4300

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Before Printing
Adjust the size of the Cassette.
When loading A5 or larger sized paper (nonstandard-size paper with 8 inches / 203 mm or 
more in length), extend the Cassette.
When loading 5" x 7" or smaller sized paper (nonstandard-size paper with less than 8 inches / 
203 mm in length), do not extend the Cassette.
Load the paper with the print side facing DOWN.
(1) Load the paper into the Cassette with the print 
side facing DOWN and the leading edge to the 
far side.
(2) Align the paper stack against the right side of 
the Cassette.
(3) Slide the paper guides to fit to the loaded 
paper stack.
Do not load higher than the Load Limit 
Mark (A).