Инструкции Пользователя для Nikon Coolpix W300

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For Your Safety
• Do not leave the product where it will be exposed to extremely high 
temperatures, for an extended period such as in an enclosed automobile 
or in direct sunlight.
 Failure to observe this precaution could result in fire or 
product malfunction.
 DANGER for Batteries
• Do not mishandle batteries. Failure to observe the following precautions could 
result in the batteries leaking, overheating, rupturing, or catching fire:
- Use only rechargeable batteries approved for use in this product.
- Do not expose batteries to flame or excessive heat.
- Do not disassemble.
- Do not short-circuit the terminals by touching them to necklaces, hairpins, or 
other metal objects.
- Do not expose batteries or the products in which they are inserted to powerful 
physical shocks.
• Recharge batteries using the specified method. Failure to observe this precaution 
could result in the batteries leaking, overheating, rupturing, or catching fire.
• If battery liquid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of 
clean water and seek immediate medical attention. Delaying action could 
result in eye injuries.
 WARNING for Batteries
• Keep batteries out of reach of children. Should a child swallow a battery, seek 
immediate medical attention.
• Do not immerse this product in water or expose to rain. Failure to observe 
this precaution could result in fire or product malfunction. Immediately dry the 
product with a towel or similar object should it become wet.
• Discontinue use immediately should you notice any changes in the 
battery, such as discoloration or deformation. Cease charging if they do 
not charge in the specified period of time.
 Failure to observe these precautions 
could result in the battery leaking, overheating, rupturing, or catching fire.
• Prior to disposal, insulate battery terminals with tape. Overheating, rupture, 
or fire may result should metal objects come into contact with the terminals. 
Recycle or dispose of batteries in accord with local regulations.
• If battery liquid comes into contact with a person’s skin or clothing, 
immediately rinse the affected area with plenty of clean water. Failure to 
observe this precaution could result in skin irritation.