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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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Description of Fan Control 
5.2.1 General 
The equipment features temperature-dependent fan control. The 
fans are either switched off, run on a fast or slow fan stage (cabi-
net fan only) or are gradually speeded up or slowed down (stack 
fan only). 
Fan control: 
  Extends the operating time of the fans 
  Minimises the noise generated by the fans 
  Improves the efficiency of the equipment by reducing its power 
5.2.2  Fan Control, Cabinet Fan 
As soon as the equipment's control module is supplied with volt-
age, fan control always starts with the fast fan stage. The control 
can be restarted to check whether the fans are working correctly. 
For example, after maintenance work, it is not necessary to wait 
for the fans to reach the temperature criterion to switch on the fast 
fan stage. 
The fast fan stage is always active for at least a certain time. The 
unit exhaust air temperatures are checked after this time. If the 
highest temperature from the two sensors is below a certain value, 
the fan control switches to the slow fan stage. 
The unit exhaust air temperatures are also checked in the slow fan 
stage. If the highest temperature from the two sensors is below a 
certain value, the fans are switched off. If the highest temperature 
rises again during operation with the lower fan stage, fan control 
switches to the fast fan stage. 
If, when the fans are switched off, the highest temperature from 
the two sensors rises above a certain value, fan control switches to 
the fast fan stage. 
Slow fan stage
Fan switched off
Unit exhaust air 
temperature < limit 
Fast fan stage, 
minimum time!
Unit exhaust air 
temperature < limit 
Unit exhaust air 
temperature > limit 
Unit exhaust
air temperature
> limit value
Figure 7 
Fan control