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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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Variable speed 
depending on IGBT 
Fan switched off
Maximum speed, 
minimum time!
IGBT temperature 
< limit value
IGBT temperature 
> limit value
Minimum time elapsed
Figure 8 
Fan control  
5.2.5   Parameters of Inverter Stack Fan Control 
IGBT temperature limit value for switching off the fan: 
If the highest IGBT temperature falls below this limit value, the fan 
is switched off. 
IGBT temperature limits and fan speeds, x-y coordinates for 
determining variable speed:
The variable fan speed is determined by a linear x-y characteristic 
on the basis of these values. 
IGBT temperature limit: 
If the IGBT temperature rises above the lower limit value, the fan 
that was previously switched off is run at maximum speed for the 
minimum time. 
Minimum time, maximum speed:  
If the minimum time has elapsed, the fan is controlled variably us-
ing the measured IGBT temperature. 
5.3 Insulation 
and Earthing of PV Cells 
5.3.1 General 
Insulation measurements and tests are carried out with an inte-
grated isometer. This unit detects and checks the insulation re-
The insulation resistance detected is compared with two limit val-
ues stored in the isometer. If the insulation resistance is below one 
of the limit values, the unit generates a signal. If the limit value is 
below the other limit value, the device generates a second signal. 
The limit values can be displayed and even modified on the isome-