AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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The X5 interface can be switched from RS485 to RS232 using 
jumpers J4 and J5. The factory setting is RS485, i.e. all jumpers 
are inserted at J4. You have the option of switching the interface to 
RS232 by reconnecting all jumpers to J5. 
Port 2 (X5): RS232 pin assignment 
Pin number  Signal Description 
RxD  PC receiving data  
TxD  PC sending data 
GND  Interface reference potential 
7 RTS 
8 CTS 
INV housing potential 
If the RS232 version is used for this port, please use a 1:1 data 
Controller Area Network (CAN) at X4 
Up to four remote panels can also be connected to the potential-
free CAN interface for central signalling and display. 
Figure 16 
Connector X4 
Port 3 (X4): CAN pin assignment 
Pin number 
Cable colour coding 
White + brown 
2 Data_L 
3 Data_H 
Please use a shielded CAN bus cable as the line, 
e.g. 2 x 0.22 twisted pair Lapp "UNITRONIC-BUS LD". 
Route the CAN bus line from the PV inverter to the remote panel. 
In a CAN bus network, the ends of the bus must always be termi-
nated. A 120 ohm terminating resistor is pre-installed at connector 
X4 of the CAN bus connection as standard. 
7.1.4 Configuration 
The communication interface does not have to be configured in or-
der to connect the PV inverter to the data logger system of the 
AEG "PV.LoG". Once the bus cable has been installed and the 
system has been powered up, the configuration settings are made 
fully automatically.