Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Using the [PLAYBACK] menu
Playback Mode: 
 (Set mode dial to any except 
For the [PLAYBACK] menu setting procedure (→20).
Set protection to disable picture deletion. Prevents deletion of important pictures.
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET] → 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [PROTECT]
Select [SINGLE] or [MULTI]
Select picture and make setting
Picture protected
Picture protected
• To cancel → Press 
[MENU/SET] again.
• After confirmation, 
press   to return to 
the menu screen.
To clear all
Select [CANCEL] in step   and select [YES].
To cancel while releasing all
Press [MENU/SET].
May not be effective when using other devices.
Formatting will cause even protected files to be deleted.
If the write-protect switch is set to ‘LOCK,’ pictures cannot be deleted even if they are 
not protected with the camera setting.
Picture/picture no./date printing settings can be made for when printing with DPOF print-
compatible shops or printers. (Ask at shop to check compatibility)
Set-up: Press [MENU/SET]→ 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [PRINT SET]
Select [SINGLE] or [MULTI]
Select picture
Set number of pictures 
(repeat steps   and   when using [MULTI] (up to 999 pictures))
No. to print
Date print 
No. to print
Date print set
• Date print setting/release → Press [DISPLAY] button.
• After confirmation, press   to return to the menu screen.
To clear all
Select [CANCEL] in step   and select [YES].
When using PictBridge-compatible printers, check settings on actual printer as these may take 
priority over camera settings.
To print from built-in memory at a shop, first copy pictures to card (→137) before making settings.
Cannot be set for files that are not compliant with the DCF standard (→44).
Some DPOF information set by other equipment cannot be used. In such cases, delete all of the 
DPOF information and then set it again with this camera.
Date printing settings cannot be made for pictures with a [TEXT STAMP] applied. These settings will 
also be cancelled if a [TEXT STAMP] is applied later.
Motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite] format cannot be set. 
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