Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Stabilizer, Zoom and Flash
Taking pictures using the flash (supplied)
Recording mode: 
When the flash (supplied) is attached, you can use all flash modes ([MANUAL] setting, 
etc.) available for this unit. (Note, however, that this flash cannot be used as a wireless 
flash unit.) This section describes how to take a picture using the flash (supplied).
 •For details on how to take a picture using the external flash (optional), refer to 
With the flash you can take pictures in dark places or adjust the entire contrast of a 
picture by illuminating a subject with a bright background.
Attaching the flash
The hot shoe cover is already attached to the hot shoe at the time of purchase.
Attach the flash to the hot shoe after removing the hot shoe cover.
Removing the hot shoe cover
 •Make sure that the Camera [ON/OFF] switch is set to [OFF].
Remove the hot shoe cover by pulling it in the 
direction indicated by arrow   while pressing it in the 
direction indicated by arrow   
 Be sure to attach the hot shoe cover when the hot shoe is 
not in use.
 Keep the hot shoe cover safely after removing it so that you 
do not lose it.
Attaching the flash
Turn off the flash
Hot shoe
Flash [ON/OFF] switch
Firmly insert the flash into the hot shoe of this 
unit until it clicks
 •Set the Camera [ON/OFF] switch to [ON] and turn on the 
flash when you take a picture.
Keep the hot shoe cover out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Do not carry the camera holding by the flash when the flash is mounted on the camera.