Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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 Function and NFC Function
About the Wi-Fi connection lamp
[Wi-Fi] button
Wi-Fi connection lamp
Lit blue:  When the Wi-Fi function is ON
Blinking blue:  When sending data
About the [Wi-Fi] button
You can operate the [Wi-Fi]/[Fn2] button in two ways, using it either as the 
[Wi-Fi] button or as a function button [Fn2].
It is set to [Wi-Fi] at the time of purchase.
For more details about the function button 
 •Before a Wi-Fi connection is established, press the [Wi-Fi] button to perform the 
following operations: 
(You can also display the same menu by selecting 
 →   [Setup] → [Wi-Fi] → 
[Wi-Fi Function].)
[New Connection]
[Select a destination from History] 
[Select a destination from Favorite]