Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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If Something Goes Wrong
Wireless networking problems
Make sure you installed the proper printer drivers as shown in the 
instructions that came with the printer.
You may have connected the printer while the computer is on. 
Disable Sleep mode, turn off the computer, and turn off the printer. 
Turn the printer back on, make sure it is online, and then turn the 
computer back on.
Try printing another file. For example, you could create and attempt 
to print a short test file using Notepad. If a Notepad file prints 
correctly, the problem may be in your original file.
If you cannot resolve the problem, contact the printer’s 
The printer will not print what you see on the screen.
Many applications display information on the screen differently 
from the way they print it. See if your application has a print 
preview mode. This mode lets you see your work exactly as it will 
print. Contact the software manufacturer for more information.
Wireless networking problems
This section provides general troubleshooting tips for networking 
problems, specifically wireless (Wi-Fi
) networking.
The terms and concepts used assume a basic understanding of 
networks, and may be for more advanced users. If you need 
assistance or if you are not familiar with the terminology, please see 
 Help and Support or contact your computer technician.
If your computer is equipped with an internal Wi-Fi
verify that Airplane mode is OFF (the wireless indicator light 
 will be lit).
Verify that your computer can detect access points or routers. If 
it can detect a Wi-Fi
 access point or router then it may be a 
configuration issue.
Verify that signal strength is good using the utility provided 
with the Wi-Fi
If another computer is on the same network, verify that it has 
network access, and can connect to the Internet. If, for 
example, the other computer cannot browse to a public Web 
site, the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) service may be 
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