Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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If Something Goes Wrong
Develop good computing habits
The Windows
 operating system wireless management utility 
does not work.
If you are using an external Wi-Fi
 adapter (a USB adapter, or other 
variety), check if the adapter comes with its own management 
utility. If it does, the utility may be disabling the Windows
operating system wireless management utility, in which case you 
must use the adapter's management utility. If the documentation 
that accompanies the adapter does not provide enough information 
to determine if this is the case, contact that vendor's support group 
for further advice.
The Windows
 operating system wireless management utility 
does not work.
If you are using an external Wi-Fi
 adapter (an ExpressCard
, USB 
adapter, or other variety), check if the adapter comes with its own 
management utility. If it does, the utility may be disabling the 
 operating system wireless management utility, in which 
case you must use the adapter's management utility. If the 
documentation that accompanies the adapter does not provide 
enough information to determine if this is the case, contact that 
vendor's support group for further advice.
Develop good computing habits
Save your work frequently.
You can never predict when your computer will lock, forcing you to 
close an application and lose unsaved changes. Many software 
applications build in an automatic backup, but you should not rely 
solely on this feature. Save your work! See 
 for instructions.
On a regular basis, back up the information stored on your 
internal storage drive.
Use Windows
 to back up files, or the entire computer, to an optical 
disc, or external hard disk. Here are some ways you can do this:
Use the Windows
 operating system to back up files or your 
entire computer to an optical disc, or external hard disk.
Copy files to a rewritable external storage device.
Connect your computer to the office network and copy files to 
your network partition.
Some people use a combination of these methods, backing up all 
files weekly and copying critical files to external media on a daily 
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