Xerox 3210 User Guide

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28 _Getting started
3. Click
 in the SetIP window to open the TCP/IP configuration window. 
4. Enter the network card's MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, 
default gateway, and then click Apply.
5. Click OK, then the machine prints the network information. Confirm all 
the settings are correct.
6. Click Exit to close the SetIP program.
You have to install the machine software for printing. The software includes 
drivers, applications, and other user friendly programs. 
1. Make sure that the network setup for your machine is completed. (See 
"Setting up the network" on page 26.) All applications should be closed 
on your computer before beginning installation.
2. Insert the Printer Software CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
The CD-ROM should automatically run, and an installation window 
If the installation window does not appear, click Start > Run. Type 
X:\Setup.exe, replacing “X” with the letter which represents your drive 
and click OK.
If you use Windows Vista, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > 
Run, and type X:\Setup.exe.
If the AutoPlay window appears in Windows Vista, click Run Setup.exe 
in Install or run program field, and click Continue in the User Account 
3. Click Install Software.
4. Select Typical installation for a network printer, and then click Next.
5. The list of machines available on the network appears. Select the printer 
you want to install from the list and then click Next.
If you do not see your machine on the list, click Update to refresh the 
list, or select Add TCP/IP Port to add your machine to the network. 
To add the machine to the network, enter the port name and the IP 
address for the machine.
To verify your machine’s IP address or the MAC address, print a 
Network Configuration page. (See "Printing reports" on page 61.)
To find a shared network printer (UNC Path), select Shared Printer 
 and enter the shared name manually or find a shared printer 
by clicking the Browse button.
When you enter the MAC address, enter it without colon(:).
The following procedure is for when the machine is being used as 
a network machine. If you want to connect a machine with a USB 
cable, refer to Software section.
The following procedure is based on the Windows XP operating 
system. The procedure and popup window which appear during 
the installation may differ depending on the operating system, the 
printer feature, or the interface in use.
If you are not sure of the IP address, contact your network 
administrator or print network information. (See "Printing 
reports" on page 61.)