Alesis wildfire User Manual

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A Tour of the Wildfire
Plug in your guitar here using a guitar patch cord. You 
can also plug in another amplifier’s line output in order to 
create a stereo link with that amplifier (refer to chapter 9 for 
details). You should use a 1/4” tip-sleeve (TS) cable. 
Program Up/Down 
While in PLAY mode, the Program Up button 
increments the program number, and the Program 
Down button decrements the program number.
you press both buttons together, the Wildfire goes into 
BYPASS mode, in which the audio signal from your 
guitar simply passes through the Wildfire without being 
affected. When you hold both buttons down for longer 
than half a second, the Wildfire goes into MUTE mode, 
in which no signal at all leaves the amplifier. When you 
are in BYPASS or MUTE mode, the tuner is activated. 
You may use optional footswitches to perform the same 
functions as the Program Up and Down buttons. The 
Wildfire works with both normally open (NO) and 
normally closed (NC) footswitches. 
This LED display is made up of two digits and two 
decimal points. In PLAY mode the digits indicate the 
current bank letter and program number. When you 
turn the EFFECT knob to a module or parameter, the 
two digits display the setting of the selection. 
Descriptions of settings for each mode and parameter 
are in chapter 10. 
The Display also contains two decimal points, each to 
the right of one of the digits. The # decimal point is 
used by the Wildfire’s tuner to help indicate the pitch of 
a note you’re playing, and the EDITED decimal point 
lights up when you have changed the settings of the 
current program. You can read more about these in 
chapter 5 “Editing Programs” and chapter 7, “Using the 
Make sure the amplifier 
is turned off before you 
connect your guitar or 
any other instrument to 
the Wildfire. 
Footswitches must be 
plugged in and not 
pressed when you turn 
on the Wildfire. 
Otherwise, the switches 
may not function 
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