Alesis wildfire User Manual

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A Tour of the Wildfire
BASS Knob (Wildfire 60 only) 
This knob gives you the ability to equalize (EQ) the low 
frequencies present in your guitar’s audio signal. This 
setting is not related to the EQ module found on the 
EFFECT knob. Rather, it provides an additional means 
of controlling the bass frequencies.  
When you turn the BASS knob, the amount of bass in 
the current program will increase or decrease 
accordingly, the EDITED light will turn on, and the 
display will briefly show the BASS setting. When you 
save a program, the current BASS value is saved with it 
so that it can be recalled later. 
TREBLE Knob (Wildfire 60 only) 
This knob works the same way as the BASS knob, 
except that it controls the high frequencies of the audio 
The MASTER VOLUME knob controls the overall 
volume of the audio signal that is output to the speaker, 
the HEADPHONES jack and the STEREO LINK 
OUTPUT on the rear panel. This value is not stored 
with a program.
Plug your headphones into this jack using a standard 
1/4” stereo phone plug. If your headphones are 1/8”, 
you can find a 1/8” to 1/4” adapter in most electronics 
stores. The internal speaker, STEREO LINK OUTPUT 
and SPEAKER OUTPUT are automatically disabled 
when you are using headphones.
Power Switch 
Use this switch to turn the Wildfire on and off. 
You should turn the 
master volume all the 
way down before you 
turn on the amplifier. 
This will prevent any 
sudden pops that could 
damage the speaker. 
Also, make sure the   
Power Switch is set to 
OFF before you 
connect your guitar or 
any other instrument to 
the Wildfire. 
A program’s BASS and 
TREBLE values will be 
lost if you switch 
programs without 
saving that program 
first. Be sure to save 
your programs! 
To get a real-life miked-
amplifier sound in your 
headphones, check out 
the effect processor’s 
cabinet simulator 
effects (page 32). 
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