Alesis wildfire User Manual

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Using the Tuner
In tune
Visual Guide to Tuning
Here are the 12 possible
pitches (a decimal point 
indicates a sharp):
= no pitch detected.
The bottom four segments rotate counterclockwise 
if  pitch is low. The top four rotate clockwise if  the pitch 
is high. An 8 means the string you have played is in tune 
with the displayed pitch.
Changing Pitch Reference 
If you turn the VALUE knob while using the tuner, the 
display shows you the setting for the Wildfire’s pitch 
reference, which is set to 440Hz (shown as 
) for the 
A note above middle C. The possible range of values for 
this setting is 35 to 45, which represents 435Hz to 
When you turn the Wildfire on and off again, the 
reference pitch is reset to 40. 
While you are viewing 
or editing the pitch 
reference, the display 
will return to pitch 
indication if you do not 
rotate the knob for 
more than two seconds. 
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