Alesis wildfire User Manual

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EFFECT Knob Settings
PARAM (Direct-Control Parameter for FX2) 
These parameters work exactly the same way as the direct-control parameter for 
FX1, with the following addition. 
For Auto Phaser, indicates the rate of the effect. 
FX3 (Multi-Effect Module 3, Delay-Based Effects) 
This module gives you a choice of delay-based effects. A delay is an echo of the 
original signal that can occur at varying frequency and time. 
Doubles the signal with a slight delay, creating the effect of two 
instruments playing at once. Higher values indicate higher intensity. 
Pedal Doubling 
Doubling effect with its intensity controlled by the expression 
Ping Pong Delay 
Creates a delay that bounces back and forth between the right and 
left sides of the stereo spectrum. Higher values indicate more 
Pedal Ping Pong 
Ping Pong Delay effect with its amount of feedback controlled by 
the expression pedal. 
Tape Delay 
Emulates the retro tape-delay effect that was created by recording a 
signal to tape and playing it back as a delay. Higher values indicate 
more feedback. 
Pedal Tape Delay 
A Tape Delay effect with its feedback controlled by the expression 
pedal; great for singling out notes or sections to echo. 
Stereo Delay 
A standard delay that occurs in stereo. Higher values indicate more 
feedback, producing a longer-repeating echo. 
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