Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-4    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Working with Jobs in the Out Box Folder
For each PC fax you send a job is created in the Out Box folder. The job
currently being processed—the active job—displays at the top of the list.
You can select a job in the list to review information about that job in the
status bar. This information includes the current status of the job as well
as the name and size of the document.
Each job in the Out Box folder displays with a system-assigned name. A
job remains in the Out Box folder until it is successfully processed or
deleted. You cannot rename a job in the Out Box folder, or move the job to
another folder.
The Out Box folder displays the current status of each job. While in the
Out Box, you can work with your jobs in the following ways:
Stop an active job from PC faxing.
Report Bug