Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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PC fax
An electronic way to send and receive faxes from your computer. A PC
fax is sent from or received in a computer. Using the L60 allows you to
send and receive PC faxes and the MultiPASS Desktop Manager lets you
save, sort, and print the PC faxes.
Portrait orientation
The vertical orientation of your document or image across the width of
the page (letter style). This is the opposite of landscape orientation.
Printer driver
Software that sends printing instructions to a printer. The printer driver
keeps track of the attributes of a printer and the codes a program must
send to access those attributes.
This is driver software for using your
L60 as a scanner. You can use this
software to import scanned pictures or photos into Windows
applications that support the TWAIN import standard or you can import
images into the Desktop Manager.
Both a protocol and an application programmer’s interface (API) that
allows you to input image data directly from any source  (for example:
desktop and handheld scanners, video capture boards, digital cameras,
and other imaging equipment) without requiring you to switch out of
the application. It provides compatibility between image input devices
and applications by acting as the liaison between hardware devices and
software applications. Because your L60 supports TWAIN, you can use
the scanning features of the L60 with any Windows application that
supports TWAIN. Twain, the industry standard, was developed by the
TWAIN working group which consists of representatives from many
leaders in the scanner hardware and software industry.
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