Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Paper options
setting a custom size in the printer
driver 3-8
setting in the printer driver 3-7
Paper size
setting a custom size in the printer
driver 3-8
setting for scan 6-11
PC fax
attaching a cover page 5-7
deleting after sending 5-8
entering a Fax Log comment when
sending a PC fax 5-8
holding 5-9
including annotations 5-8
providing a memo on the cover page
rescheduling in the Out Box folder 7-7
sending from your computer 5-2
sending later 5-9
sending now 5-9
specifying a fax recipient 5-5
specifying fax sender information 5-8
Phone characters
using in the Desktop Manager A-1
Phone handset
using from the Desktop Manager 8-17
changing connection for printing 2-7
for connecting the L60 2-2
Preferences setup
for the L60 and Desktop Manager 8-4
Preview area
ScanGear window 6-3
Preview scan
adjusting 6-12
adjusting selection size 6-14
adjusting tone 6-17
adjusting your view 6-13
mirroring an image 6-15
moving an image 6-15
reversing the tone 6-15
rotating an image 6-16
scaling the output size 6-16
Preview scan options
setting 6-6
Printer driver
displaying information about 3-9
installing for Windows 2-4
setting as the default 2-7
Printer driver settings
instructions for changing 3-6
saving 3-14
setting graphics options 3-9
setting paper options 3-7
using the Setup Analyser 3-13
Printer port
changing the connection 2-7
a document in the Desktop Manager
a document with the L60 3-2
Printing status
for the Status Monitor 8-21
Process toolbar
overview for the Desktop Manager 4-5
Queued status
in the Out Box folder 7-5
Receive Fax setup
for the L60 8-10
Receiving Fax status
for the Status Monitor 8-22
specifying when sending a PC fax 5-5
after uninstalling the Desktop Manager
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