Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 10
Cannot See The Display On The LCD/LED
E, 1, 4
The FINE Cartridge may not be the compatible with this machine. Install 
the appropriate FINE Cartridge. If lines are misaligned or the resulting 
output is not satisfactory, carry out the FINE Cartridge Alignment.
E, 1, 5
FINE Cartridge errors have occurred. Replace the FINE Cartridge.
E, 1, 6
This FINE Cartridge may have previously been used, or the ink may have 
run out. The function for detecting the remaining ink level will be disabled 
since the remaining ink level cannot be correctly detected. If you want to 
continue printing without this function, press [Black] or [Color]. Canon 
recommends to use new genuine Canon Cartridges in order to obtain 
optimum qualities.
E, 1, 9
The size of the document cannot be correctly detected or the document is 
too small when the Fit-to-Page copying is selected. Make sure the 
document meets the requirements and correctly loaded on the Platen 
Glass. Then reload the document and press [Black] or [Color]. See 
“Setting Documents” on page 15.
E, 2, x
E, 3, x
E, 4, x
An error requiring servicing might have occurred. Turn OFF the machine, 
and unplug the power cord of the machine from the power supply. After a 
while, plug the power cord of the machine back in and turn ON the 
machine. If the same error occurs, contact a Canon service representative.
The Machine is not turned ON.
You have not pressed [ON/OFF].
The machine will power ON and the LCD/LED will display a message when 
you connect the power cord and press [ON/OFF].
The LCD/LED may be in the Power 
Saver mode.
Press any button on the Operation Panel except for [ON/OFF] to restore 
the display.
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