Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device
Confirming or Changing PictBridge Print Settings on the Machine
You can confirm and change the print settings such as media type and size that are preset to the 
machine and applied to PictBridge printing. 
Displaying the PictBridge Settings Screen and Specifying the Settings
(1) Turn on the machine.
(2) Select Settings on the HOME screen.
(3) Select Device settings, then press the OK button.
(4) Select PictBridge settings, then press the OK button.
(5) Select the item to set, then press the OK button.
(6) Select the item, then press the OK button.
(7) Confirm the print settings, select Next and then press the OK button.
(8) Repeat steps (5) and (6) to specify the item.
(9) After finishing all settings you need, select OK and then press the OK button.
Setting items
Page size
Select the page size, when printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device.
Media type
Select the media type, when printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device.
Print quality
Select the print quality, when printing directly from a PictBridge compliant device.
Select bordered or borderless print.
Activate/deactivate the Photo Optimizer pro function.
Automatically optimizes brightness and tone of a photo.
Vivid photo
Activate/deactivate Vivid photo function.
Makes green and blue more lively.
Face brightener
Activate/deactivate Face brightener function.
Brightens a darkened face on the photo taken against the light.
Noise reduction
Activate/deactivate the Noise reduction function.
Reduces the noise on blue areas like the sky as well as on black areas.
Image optimizer
Activate/deactivate Image optimizer function.
Corrects and smooths the jagged contours for printing.
Red eye correc.
Activate/deactivate Red eye correction.
Corrects red eyes in portraits caused by flash photography.
Adjust brightness.
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