Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Error No.: 1700 Is Displayed
Error No.: 1851 Is Displayed
Error No.: 1856 Is Displayed
Error No.: 2001 Is Displayed
Error No.: 2500 Is Displayed
The ink absorber is almost full.
The machine has a built-in ink absorber to hold the ink used during Print Head 
Cleaning, for example.
This error message indicates that the ink absorber is nearly full.
Press the OK button to cancel the error so you can continue printing.
However, because printing is disabled once the ink absorber becomes 
completely full and until the ink absorber is replaced, you are recommended to 
contact a Canon service representative as early as possible. (You will need to 
replace a particular part of the machine.)
Inner Cover was open when you 
started printing.
Close Inner Cover, press the OK button on the machine. Printing will start again.
Inner Cover was opened while printing 
was in progress.
Close the Inner Cover, then press the OK button on the machine.
A page of print data being sent at the time of the error will be erased, so print 
that page again.
No response from connected digital 
camera or video camcorder. / 
Connected digital camera or video 
camcorder connected is not compatible 
with this machine.
Disconnect the cable connecting the machine and the device, and then 
reconnect it.
Depending on the model or brand of your device, you may have to select a 
PictBridge-compliant print mode on the device before connecting it to the 
machine. You may also have to turn on the camera or select Play mode 
manually after connecting the device to the machine.
Perform necessary operations according your device’s instruction manual 
before reconnecting it to the machine.
If the error is still unresolved, there is a possibility that you are using a digital 
camera or digital video camcorder that is not supported by this machine. Use a 
digital camera or digital video camcorder compatible with this machine.
Automatic Print Head Alignment has 
See “Auto head align has failed. Press OK and repeat operation. <See 
manual>” in “Error Message Is Displayed on the LCD” on page 68.
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