Nortel Networks 4060 User Manual

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Set up the DECT Handset 4060
Charge the batteries
Charging guidelines
Charge the battery for at least six to seven hours before using the 
handset for the first time.
Charge the handset on a regular basis.
Do not leave the handset connected to the charger longer than one 
month without using.
How to charge the batteries
1. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet. 
2. Place the handset in the charger. The handset display shows 
Charging and operating times
Batteries require 6 to 7 hours to fully charge.
When a fully-charged handset is switched off, it discharges in 
approximately one week. 
When batteries are fully charged, the handset has approximately 20 
hours of talk time and between 200 and 300 hours of standby time.
The handset display screen shows the batteries’ charge status. See 
Figure 2 for battery charge statuses.
The batteries can become hot during the first charge 
cycle. If the fully-charged batteries are removed from the 
handset and inserted again, they can become 
overcharged when the handset is placed in the charger.
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