Nikon Coolpix W300 Owner's Manual

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Recording the Location Data on the Image
Notes About Location Data Functions
• Before using the location data functions, read “Notes About Location Data Functions 
• It takes a few minutes to obtain location data when positioning is performed for the first 
time, when positioning cannot be performed for a long period of time, or just after the 
battery is replaced.
Using the latest A-GPS file can shorten the time needed to obtain the location data (
• Positions of the positioning satellites change constantly. 
You may not be able to determine the position or it may take some time depending on 
your location and the time. 
To use the location data functions, use the camera in an open-air area with few obstacles 
in the sky. Signal receiving will be smoother if the positioning antenna (
A2) is facing the 
• The following locations which block or reflect signals may result in failed or inaccurate 
- Inside  buildings  or  underground locations
- Between high-rise buildings
- Under overpasses
- Inside  tunnels
- Near high-voltage electrical power lines
- Between clusters of trees
- Underwater
• Using a mobile phone of 1.5 GHz band near this camera may disrupt positioning.
• When carrying this camera around while positioning, do not place it in a metal bag. 
Positioning cannot be performed if the camera is covered with metal materials.
• When there is a significant difference in the signals from the positioning satellites, there 
could be a deviation of up to several hundred meters.
• Be aware of your surroundings and watch your step when positioning.
• The shooting date and time that is displayed when playing back images is determined by 
the camera’s internal clock at the time of shooting. 
The time at which location data is obtained will be recorded on images, but it will not be 
displayed on the camera.
• The location data for the first frame will be recorded on a series of images shot using 
continuous shooting.
Battery Drain While Recording Location Data and Log Recording
• When Use built-in location data is set to On, record location data functions will 
continue to operate at the specified interval for approximately six hours even after the 
camera is turned off. Also, record location data functions and log recording function will 
continue to operate while recording logs (
A101) even after the camera is turned off.
• When Use built-in location data is set to On or while recording logs, the battery power 
will drain faster than usual. Confirm the battery level especially when recording a log using 
Start all logs or Start location log.