Sony RealShot Manager V4 (16 cameras) IMZ-RS416M User Manual

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Customised Layouts
The IMZ-RS400 Series features an intuitive and user-friendly
GUI that can be personalised to suit the user’s 
own requirements and preferences. The “Layout Editor” is a
powerful feature that creates customised site layouts and
allows the user to insert backgrounds (e.g., a floor plan or
campus layout), icons (that can be associated with a specific
camera or monitor), and company logos. 
“Hot Spot” Monitoring/Dual Monitor Support
A specific window in multi-camera view (i.e. a larger window
within the multi-camera window), can be assigned as the
“Hot Spot” area, or a second monitor may be used for this
purpose. The “Hot Spot” area is used to display an image of
interest to get a more detailed view – this image can either be
manually selected or triggered by an alarm. 
Automatic Layout “Tour” Function
If systematic monitoring of various locations is required, the
IMZ-RS400 Series can be set up to automatically switch
monitoring areas on a revolving basis. This is ideal for moni-
toring a number of different floors in an office building or for
monitoring different areas on a single floor or large venue.
Camera PTZ Control
Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom network cameras can be controlled
remotely over a network using the IMZ-RS400 Series 
software. When a point in the image is clicked, the camera
automatically pans and/or tilts to make that point the centre
of the image. And by clicking and dragging out a specified
area of the image, the camera will zoom in to that area.
Privacy Zone Masking Function
The IMZ-RS400 Series features a built-in Privacy Zone
Masking function that allows you to mask unwanted or 
private areas of an image as required. 
Audio Support
The IMZ-RS400 Series supports bi-directional audio. 
When used with Sony network cameras configured with a
microphone, the software can accept and process incoming
audio. What’s more, when the camera is configured with
speakers, the IMZ-RS400 Series can be used to make live
announcements at the camera site. 
Privacy Zone Masking Function
Monitoring GUI
“Hot Spot” Monitoring
Flexible Monitoring Operation