Sony RealShot Manager V4 (16 cameras) IMZ-RS416M User Manual

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Manual Recording 
With the IMZ-RS400 Series, when manual recording is set,
authorised users can initiate a recording at any time for any
selected camera. Images from the selected camera are then
recorded at the user-defined refresh rate, resolution, and 
picture quality.
Scheduled Recording
This mode allows users to schedule their recording for any
selected camera or group of cameras. There is virtually no
limit to the number of scheduling combinations that can be
selected – simply adjust the refresh rate, resolution, and 
picture quality to record the detail the user wants, when they
Alarm and Pre-Alarm Recording
The IMZ-RS400 Series supports Alarm and Pre-Alarm 
recording, which automatically records images immediately
prior to the alarm trigger. Alarms can be triggered by devices
such as external sensors or the built-in motion detection
functions of Sony network cameras and IMZ-RS400 Series
Scheduled Recording GUI
Intelligent Video Motion Filter Search
Filters that are used for monitoring and recording images
from Sony DEPA-enabled cameras can also be used during
searches. This allows users to quickly and effectively retrieve
images. For example, a “virtual borderline” can be drawn to
search for individuals entering restricted areas, or “virtual
areas” can be set to search for images of items that have
been either damaged or stolen. This allows operators to 
pinpoint desired search images and to drastically cut down
the review/audit times after an event of interest has occurred.
Easy and Quick Search of Recorded Images
The Search Recording function of the IMZ-RS400 Series
allows the user to quickly locate a particular recording. The
calendar displays all recordings made (per camera or camera
group) so the operator can see when and what kind of
recording was made. The user can then filter these record-
ings by time/date, inserted comments, and/or alarm events.
Alarm events can be designated from sensor inputs, motion
detection results (camera or software), and motion filters. In
addition, thumbnail preview images can also be displayed to
make searching even easier and more effective. 
Search Recording GUI
Intelligent Video Motion Filter Search
Flexible Recording
Smart Search
Passing • Appearance • Disappearance
Capacity • Existing • Unattended/Removed
Virtual borderline
Filter Setting GUI
Analyses Object Movement Using Filters
Outputs Desired Images
Recorded Images