Bosch HCG56651UC Installation Instruction

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Electrical connection
Parts inside the appliance can have sharp edges. 
The connection cable can be damaged. Do not 
bend or pinch connection cables during installation.
Before connecting the appliance, check the household 
installation. Ensure sufficient fuse protection of the 
household installation. The voltage and frequency of the 
appliance must match the electrical installation (see 
rating plate).
The appliance complies with protection class 1 and must 
only be operated in conjunction with a protective 
conductor terminal.
An all-pole isolating switch with at least a 3 mm contact 
gap must be fitted in the installation. This must remain 
accessible after installation.
Only a qualified electrician who takes the appropriate 
regulations into account may lay or replace the 
connecting cable.
Follow all valid standards and laws.
Ensure that the electrical connection meets the 
requirements of the latest version of all applicable 
standards and laws in the appropriate country, especially 
the following standards: National Electrical Code, ANSI/
NFPA 70*, or CSA Standards C22.1-94, Canadian 
Electrical Code, Part 1 and C22.2 No.0-M91**. 
Have a qualified electrical technician check the 
grounding of the appliance.
Do not ground with a gas line.
No fuse protection in the neutral or grounding circuit.
Keep the installation instructions. Only connect the 
appliance with a copper conductor. If possible, connect 
the appliance to a metal cable guide directly to the fuse 
Ensure that the wire diameter meets the requirements of 
the latest version of all applicable standards and laws in 
the appropriate country, especially the following 
standards: National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70*, or 
CSA Standards C22.1-94, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 
1 and C22.2 No.0-M91**.
Put a protecting hose that is listed in the U.L. or C.S.A. on 
both ends of the connecting cable, that is, on the 
appliance and on the fuse box.
For copies of the standards listed, contact:
* National Fire Protection Association Batterymarch Park 
Quincy, Massachusetts 02269
** CSA International 8501 East Pleasant Valley Road 
Cleveland, Ohio 44131-5575
Before You Begin
Tools and Parts Needed
Measuring tape
Phillips screwdriver (Posidrive) #2
Drill with the following bits: 5/16" (7.9 mm) and 3/8" 
(9.5 mm)
Aluminum tape (DO NOT use insulating tape)
Exhaust channel (configuration depends on the 
installation situation)
Additional sheet metal screws (if necessary for 
installation of the exhaust air duct)
Parts Included
Extractor hood with fan, back-pressure flap
Lamp, already installed
Metal grease filter
Flue duct
Drill template
1x angle bracket for the flue duct 
Instruction manual and installation instructions
6x screws, 5x45 mm
8x screws, 4x8 mm
2 washers
2x hollow wall plugs, 8x40 mm
4x hollow wall plugs, 10x50 mm
Torx adapter, 10 & 20