Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Chapter 2
Learning the Basics
This chapter gives some computing tips and provides important 
information about basic features.
Computing tips
Save your work frequently.
Your work stays in the computer’s temporary memory until 
you save it to the internal storage drive. If the network you are 
using goes down and you must restart your computer to 
reconnect, or your battery runs out of charge while you are 
working, you will lose all work since you last saved.
 for further information.
HINT: Some applications have an automatic save feature that can be 
activated. This feature saves your file to the internal storage drive at 
preset intervals. See your software documentation for details.
Back up your files to external media on a regular basis. Label 
the backup copies clearly and store them in a safe place.
It is easy to put off backing up because it takes time. However, 
if your internal storage drive suddenly fails, you will lose all 
the data on it unless you have a separate backup copy. For more 
information, see 
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