Nikon Coolpix W300 사용자 매뉴얼

페이지 310
Recording the Log of Movement Information
Notes About Log Recording
• If the date and time are not set, the log cannot be recorded.
• When recording all logs or a water depth log, correct the altitude or water depth using 
Alt./depth correction in Altitude/depth options (
A161) in the location data options 
menu before log recording starts.
• Use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning off during log 
recording. When the battery power becomes exhausted, log recording ends. 
While location logs are recorded, the battery is exhausted much faster. Exercise caution 
regarding the remaining battery level.
• Log data cannot be recorded while the camera is not positioning, even if log recording 
has already started.
• Even when the camera is turned off, log recording is continuously performed until the 
preset time has elapsed if there is still time remaining for log recording.
• Log recording ends due to the operations below even when there is time remaining for 
log recording.
- The battery is removed
Use built-in location data in Location data options is set to Off (except when 
Start depth log is used to start recording a depth log).
Reset all in the setup menu is performed
- The setting of the internal clock (time zone or date and time) is changed
- An option to end log recording is selected in Create log in the location data options 
menu (
• Log recording is paused during the operations below. 
- During continuous shooting
- During movie recording
- When connected with a USB cable or HDMI cable
Log recording is resumed when the above operations are finished.
• The log data is temporarily saved in the camera. New logs cannot be recorded if the log 
data remains in the camera. After recording log data, save it on a memory card (