Справочник Пользователя для Zipper Mowers Thunder-Max 309-365

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Step 3 
Load a Base Map to your SmartLink software.  
Selecting a base map for your ThunderMax is easy 
thanks to the filtering system in the SmartLink software.  
Open SmartLink; from the toolbar choose 
[EFI Maps] 
[EFI Map Listings / Definitions].  You should first 
update the Map Definitions file to ensure you have the 
latest available maps.  Close the 
[Base Map 
Definitions] window, then click the [Check Internet For 
 button (requires internet connection; follow 
prompts).  After updating, select 
[Select BaseMap]..   
Available base maps will be shown (if the 
[Clear Filters] 
button at the lower left of the screen is highlighted, click 
it to clear filtered maps so all maps will be shown).   
Filter the maps to locate a base map that best matches 
your application by placing your curser 
first over any 
‘Engine Type’ that matches your engine and right-click it.  
All maps that do not match your selection will be filtered 
from the screen.   
Second, place your curser over the ‘Throttle’ column 
and right click your match.   
Third, right-click the ‘Exhaust’ type that closest matches 
your application. 
Fourth, right click the ‘Muffler’ column if further definition 
of the exhaust system is required (depends on exhaust 
application).  Keep right-clicking the application columns 
until you have located the best map match (in the case 
of identical maps, choose the latest date).  Highlight the 
map you’ve chosen (left-click; blue bar indicates 
selected map) and click 
[Close] button.  This brings you 
to the ‘Base Map Name Encoding’ page, from which you 
can review the map parameters. Click the 
BaseMap] button to load the map into the software. 
 From this page you can load the base map into the 
software by clicking the 
[Load Base Map] button.  
[Close] this page to view the open map page.   
309-365  Installation / Setup Guide V2009.04.23