Справочник Пользователя для Zipper Mowers Thunder-Max 309-365

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Step 8
  Before restarting the engine, from toolbar click 
[Monitoring] [Show Gauges].  The “Engine Speed”, 
“Engine Head Temp”, “IAC Position”, “AFR Front”, AFR 
Rear” and “AFR Target” gauges are automatically 
formatted and are shown on the screen.  Additional 
gauges can be created if desired (see SmartLink Tuning 
Manual under Help menu), but the above gauges are 
most helpful during initial set up.  You may select any 
gauges that you deem important; if too many are chosen 
your screen may appear cluttered.
Step 9
Select the “Monitor” button to active the gauges. 
It is located beside the “Link” button and will turn green 
when the monitor gauge functions are live.  The gauges 
will be displayed if they were not already on the screen.
Step 10
Now select the IAC Stops vs. Engine 
Temperature page from “IAC Curves” menu within the 
tuning tree. 
Strike the 
spacebar to show the actual values of the tuning block 
(use left/right arrow keys to move the block marker).  
Make certain that the motorcycle is in neutral and the 
engine is cold, and then start the engine.  Once the 
engine idle is stable after 15- 20 seconds, select the 
“IAC-Auto” button (Idle Air Control Auto Adjustment). 
Allow the “IAC-Auto” function to run at idle until the 
engine head temperature reaches 275 degrees.  After 
reaching temperature of 275 degrees, the “IAC-Auto” 
function automatically shuts off.  You can terminate this 
function at any time, and re-run it at a later time if you 
Step 11
Unlink the SmartLink software from the ECM, 
turn off the ignition switch and remove the 
communication cable from the ThunderMax ECM.  Use 
the ‘Save As’ command to create a folder and save the 
map to your hard drive.  The motorcycle is now ready to 
be ridden.  Several riding sessions that allow the engine 
to reach normal operating temperature should be 
completed.  During this process, the IAC virtual stops will 
automatically be adjusted to the IAC target values set 
within the map’s basic settings. This feature 
automatically adjusts how the engine comes back to the 
specified idle speed.  If the IAC stops are set too low, the 
engine will dip below the specified idle speed during 
certain transient conditions.  If the IAC stops are above 
the IAC position, the engine will idle above the idle rpm 
specified in the idle speed vs. engine temperature page.  
If it determined that these automatic adjustments have 
not resulted in satisfactory operation of the engine, 
consult the SmartLink Manual (available under the 
section of the toolbar), Section 3 (Tuning the 
ThunderMax ECM) for further adjustment procedures. 
When equipped with AutoTune, your SmartLink software 
will allow you to set Air/Fuel tuning parameters for your 
ThunderMax and its installed base map.  To set the 
AutoTune Limits, go to the toolbar and click 
[Close Loop MODULE Settings]
The Closed Loop Configuration dialog page opens; the 
right side shows the default MAP settings stored in the 
MAP file (settings are applied to the installed base map 
during the ‘Closed Loop Format’ conversion performed 
by SmartLink), while the left side shows what the module 
is currently set to (unadjusted, these settings will mirror 
AP’s settings). 
The un-highlighted left ‘MODULE’ side of the page 
allows editing of those settings within the MODULE for 
tuning purposes, while unaffecting the MAP settings.  To 
edit module settings, click the 
[Link/Read (Module)] 
button (left side highlights/active).  You can now edit 
these settings within the live module should you want to 
change any of the settings from the MAP default 
Closed Loop Processing (Module) – Check [ON] to 
enable closed loop AutoTune processing.  During closed 
loop processing, the ThunderMax module processes 
feedback from the oxygen sensors to adjust the fuel 
309-365  Installation / Setup Guide V2009.04.23