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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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Monitoring Systems, Messages and Faults 
6.1 General 
All monitoring systems only generate fault messages when the in-
verter is switched on; when it is switched off, the inverter is always 
reported as being free of faults.  
A distinction is made between deactivatingself-acknowledging 
and signalling faults
Deactivating faults switch the equipment off permanently once 
they have occurred a number of times. K7 and Q4 are opened. 
When a fault first occurs, it is acknowledged after a certain time 
has elapsed and the inverter makes a start-up attempt. This start-
up attempt is only made if the DC voltage did not drop too dramati-
cally during the fault. If the cause of the fault is still present after 
the start-up attempt, the inverter is switched off again. 
A maximum of 3 start-up attempts are made. 
Each time the inverter is switched off, K7 and Q4 are opened. 
After a successful start-up attempt and once a certain operating 
time has elapsed, the counter for start-up attempts is reset again. 
If the third start-up attempt is also unsuccessful, the inverter is 
switched off permanently. The fault is then no longer self-
acknowledging. It can be acknowledged by switching the equip-
ment off and on or by manually acknowledging the fault. However, 
if the cause of the fault is still present following manual acknowl-
edgement, another deactivating fault will be generated. 
Self-acknowledging faults switch the equipment off. K7 is 
opened, Q4 remains closed. 
The equipment starts up again when the cause of the fault is no 
longer present. The fault can also be acknowledged manually or 
by switching the equipment off and on. However, if the cause of 
the fault is still present following manual acknowledgement, anoth-
er self-acknowledging fault will be generated. 
Signalling faults do not have any effect on the equipment's se-
quence control. K7 and Q4 remain closed. 
A signalling fault acknowledges itself automatically when the cause 
of the fault is no longer present. The fault can also be acknowl-
edged manually or by switching the equipment off and on. Howev-
er, if the cause of the fault is still present following manual 
acknowledgement, another signalling fault will be generated.