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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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5.3.2  Operation With Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Solar Cells 
This type of solar cell does not require active earthing.  
Sequence control: 
Insulation monitoring is always active. 
Maintenance mode: 
No action in the event of a "Maintenance mode" command. 
Starting the insulation test manually: 
No action, since the insulation test is always active. 
5.3.3  Operation with Thin-Film Solar Cells 
This type of solar cell requires active earthing. 
Active earthing is switched on during the day and switches off at 
night. An insulation test is carried out at night. 
When active earthing is switched on, the digital signals and ana-
logue signal from the isometer are ignored. 
Once active earthing is switched off, a certain time is allowed to 
elapse before the digital signals from the isometer are evaluated 
and the analogue measured value is output. 
Sequence control: 
When the equipment sequence control switches to the "Night" sta-
tus (see Chapter 5.1.6), active earthing is switched off once a cer-
tain time has elapsed. 
The insulation test starts with a delay. Once a certain test time has 
elapsed, the insulation test finishes and active earthing is switched 
on again. If the sequence control switches to "Operation" status 
before the test time has elapsed, the timer control is ignored, the 
insulation test is terminated and active earthing is switched back 
Maintenance mode: 
Maintenance mode can be triggered either via a command or by 
means of remote signalling. Active earthing switches off immedi-
ately when maintenance mode is activated. However, the digital 
and analogue signals from the isometer continue to be ignored. 
Active earthing is switched on again the next time a switch is made 
to "Operation" status. However, the unit remains in maintenance 
mode for at least a certain time; i.e. even if the unit is switched 
over to the "Operation" status, maintenance mode is not terminat-
ed until this time has elapsed. 
Starting the insulation test manually: 
The insulation test can be started manually for maintenance work. 
Active earthing is switched off when the insulation test is started 
and the test actually commences once a delay has elapsed. When 
the test time has elapsed, the insulation test ends and active earth-
ing is switched on again.