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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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80000043212 BAL 
The insulation test can only be started manually if an insulation 
test is not already running at the time. 
5.3.4 Insulation 
All parameters are only relevant for operation with thin-film solar 
Insulation test time: 
The analogue and digital signals from the isometer are evaluated 
during this time. 
Delay for insulation test following shutdown of K21 (earthing 
of PV cells): 
Once the earthing has been disconnected, this time must elapse 
before insulation measurement can start. 
Delay for shutdown of K21 in night operation: 
Once sequence control has switched to the "Night" status, this 
time must elapse before earthing is removed with contactor K21. 
Minimum time in maintenance mode: 
If maintenance mode has been activated, the earthing is discon-
nected and remains so for at least this time. 
5.4 MPP 
In the "Operation" status (see Chapter 5.1.3), the inverter detects 
the maximum power point (MPP) of the PV cells. 
The MPP tracker detects the point at which the solar cells give off 
maximum power. 
This enables the system to achieve optimum efficiency. 
Figure 9 
MPP performance curve