Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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View photos and videos
Photos lets you view your:
Camera Roll—photos and videos you took on iPhone, or saved from an email, text message, 
webpage, or screenshot
Shared photos and videos—Photos and videos that you’ve shared with iCloud Photo Sharing 
or that others have shared with you (see 
 on page 74)
Photos and videos synced from your computer (see 
 on page 18)
Tap to view 
Tap to view 
View your photos and videos. Tap Photos. Photos automatically organizes your photos and 
videos by year, by collection, and by moment. To quickly browse the photos in a collection or 
year, touch and hold for a moment, then drag.
By default, Photos displays a representative subset of your photos when you view by year 
or by collection. To see all your photos, go to Settings > Photos & Camera and turn off 
Summarize Photos.
View by events or by faces. Albums you sync with iPhoto 8.0 or later, or Aperture v3.0.2 or later, 
can be viewed by events or by faces. Tap Albums, then scroll to find Events or Faces.
View by location. While viewing by year or by collection, tap  . Photos and videos that include 
location information appear on a map, showing where they were taken.
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