Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-11
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Deleting a Document or Folder
You can delete a document or user-defined folder when it is no longer
When you delete a document, it moves to the Trash folder. To delete a
document permanently, you must empty the Trash folder.
When you delete a folder, it is removed from the Desktop Manager
window immediately and permanently deleted.
To delete a document:
Open the folder with the document you want to delete and click the
document. Then, on the Edit menu, click Delete (or press the Delete key).
To delete a folder:
1. Delete all documents from the folder you want to delete.
2. After you have deleted all the documents in the folder, click the
folder. Then, on the Edit menu, click Delete.
Restoring a Deleted Document
If a document is in the Trash folder, you can restore it to its original
folder. If the original folder contains another document of the same name,
a dialog box appears, giving you the option of replacing the document.
To restore a deleted document:
1. In the Desktop Manager, click the Trash Folder.
2. In the Trash Folder, click the document you want to restore.
3. On the File menu, click Restore.
Documents that have been deleted from the Trash Folder cannot be
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