Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-12    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Emptying the Trash Folder
If you moved documents to the Trash folder, the documents remain in
the folder until you move them again to original folder, delete them
individually, or empty the Trash folder.
As you move more documents to the Trash folder, more space is used on
your hard disk for storing the documents. To prevent out-of-date
documents from unnecessarily using space on your disk, you should
periodically review your Trash folder and remove the documents no
longer needed.
To empty the Trash folder:
On the File menu, click Empty Trash. If prompted, confirm that you want to
empty the Trash folder.
Importing a Document
If you have a document residing on your hard disk or a diskette, you can
import the document into In Box folder or a user-defined folder in the
Desktop Manager. To be imported and usable in the Desktop Manager,
the document must be in monochrome TIFF file format.
To import a document:
1. Open the user-defined folder into which you want to import a
2. On the File menu, click Import Tiff.
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