Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-15
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Scrolling Through a Multi-page Document
You scroll through a multiple-page document to position yourself at the
page that you want to remove from the document or where you want to
split the document.
As you scroll the pages in the document, the current page number for the
document updates instantly.
To scroll the pages in a document:
For the selected document, do one of the following:
Click the left and right scroll arrows displayed with the page numbers
for the document.
Drag the scroll tab on the right side of the document.
Removing a Page from a Document
You can remove the current top page of a document. For example, you
may want to remove the cover page from a received fax.
1. Scroll through the document until the page you want to remove is on
2. Click Remove Page on the Edit menu or toolbar.
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