Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-16    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Splitting a Document
You can split a document into two documents. You can split a document
from any page after the first page within the document. In other words,
you cannot split a document on page 1 of the document. For example,
you split a 10-page document, beginning at page 5. The original
document consists of pages 1 through 4. The newly created document
consists of pages 5 through 10.
The original document—consisting of at least the first page, up to the
page where the split occurred—retains the original name. The newly
created document is assigned a unique name.
To split a document:
1. Scroll to the page where you want to split the document. The top
page represents the first page for the newly created document.
2. Click Split on the Edit menu or toolbar.
Merging a Document
You merge two documents to combine them into a single document. The
documents are merged in the order you select them. In other words, the
first document selected becomes the top pages of the second document
selected. Both documents are merged into the second document.
To merge two or more documents:
1. Select the two documents you want to merge (by holding the Control
key and clicking each document).
2. Click Merge on the Edit menu or toolbar.
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