Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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1-6    Introduction
Chapter 1
Conventions Used in This Guide
The following types of formatting identify specific types of information
provided in this guide.
Italicized text
Used to stress the importance of a word
or phrase, or to refer to the title of
another guide. For example:
You cannot access the dialog box ....
...the Microsoft Windows User’s Guide....
Text in quotation marks
Used to refer to the title of a section
within the guide. For example:
...the “Installing the Software” section....
Click, double-click
Use of the word click or double-click
provides instructions for selecting or
choosing a command or option,
generally with a mouse.
Monospaced text
Used for commands you might type
when installing the software, or system
messages that may display on your
screen. For example:
Report Bug