Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 1
Introduction    1-5
System Requirements
To successfully install and operate the Desktop Manager with the L60,
your system must meet the following minimum requirements:
An IBM or compatible computer with a 486DX or faster processor
Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98
CD-ROM drive
At least 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM
At least 25 MB of available hard disk space
VGA monitor or greater
A bi-directional, Centronics-compatible parallel cable 6.6 feet (2
meters) in length or shorter. For help in purchasing the correct cable,
consult your dealer or retailer.
About This Guide
This guide assumes you have a familiarity with and basic understanding
of your Windows system. This includes understanding how to start your
system and navigate in your system. You should be familiar with
common Windows terms such as window, dialog box, button, icon, menu,
application, select, open, close, click, double-click, drag, list box, and drop-
down list box.
For assistance in familiarizing yourself with Windows, refer to your
Microsoft Windows user documentation.
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