Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-30    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
To change the layered position of an annotation:
Select the annotation and do one of the following:
To bring the annotation to the foreground, on the Edit menu, click
Bring to Front.
To place the annotation on the background, on the Edit menu, click
Send to Back.
Resizing the Annotation
When you create an annotation, you draw it to the desired size. If the
original size proves unsuitable, you can resize the annotation either
smaller or larger.
To adjust the size, click the border of the annotation and drag any sizing
Copying and Pasting an Annotation
If you want an annotation to appear more than once within your
document, you can create the first annotation, and then copy and paste it
any number of times. When you copy an annotation, it is placed on the
Document Viewer clipboard. From the clipboard, it can be pasted to any
location on any page of your document.
To copy and paste an annotation:
1. Select the annotation to be copied and click Copy on the Edit menu or
2. With the annotation copied, click Paste on the Edit menu or toolbar.
3. Move the pasted annotation to the desired location in your
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