Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-2    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Setting Up L60 Options in the Desktop
The Desktop Manager contains setup options that define the operation of
your L60. Although you can set the L60 options directly in the device itself
via its operation panel, you can also set the options in the Desktop
Manager. The Desktop Manager then updates the settings in your L60
device. In addition to L60 setup options, you can also set certain options
that affect the general operation of the Desktop Manager. In summary, you
can set options that affect general operation preferences, sending a PC fax,
receiving a fax, and using the speed dial.
When you first install the Desktop Manager, the setup options are
initially set to appropriate default settings. The default settings enable
you to begin using your L60 with the Desktop Manager immediately.
However, you can change the option settings as needed.
Since you can make changes to most option settings either on the L60 or in
the Desktop Manager, be aware of the following:
Any option setting you make on the L60 does not display in the
Desktop Manager Setup Options dialog box.
Any change you make to an option in the Desktop Manager overrides
the corresponding setting you may have made on the L60 device itself.
Therefore, before you make changes to these option settings, decide where
you prefer to make your changes—on the L60 or in the Desktop Manager.
Establishing a preference for changes will help you avoid inadvertently
overriding your previous settings.
When the L60 is connected to your PC, we recommend that you use the
Setup Options dialog box in the Desktop Manager for Windows. Do not
make your changes via the operation panel of the L60. L60 data is
overwritten by the Desktop Manager for Windows software.
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