Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 9
   Frequently Asked Questions    9-7
Frequently Asked
Paper Is Not Loading Correctly.
Does paper not load into the unit?
The multi-purpose tray might contain too many sheets or paper might
not be inserted all the way into the multi-purpose tray.
Does paper not feed through one sheet at a time?
Be sure to fan the stack of paper before placing it in the multi-purpose
tray. Make sure the stack of paper does not exceed the paper limit mark.
Does paper not feed through the automatic document feeder?
If paper jams in the automatic document feeder, open the operation panel
and remove the document gently; then close the operation panel.
Is an envelope not loading correctly?
Make sure you do not stack more than 7 envelopes in the multi-purpose
The Print Quality Is Not Satisfactory.
Are some of the characters not printing?
If characters are not printing, check the parallel cable is securely plugged
in at both ends; make sure your parallel cable is less than 6.6' (2m). Check
your application’s print setup to make sure Canon MultiPASS L60 Printer
is selected as the printer.
Do characters not fit on the page?
Make sure paper is aligned correctly in the sheet feeder. Check that
margins and paper size are set correctly in your printing application.
Is printing not clear?
Check to see if you are printing using the Draft print quality option.
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