Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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9-6    Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 9
❏ Desktop Manager
In the Desktop Manager, on the Setup menu, click Receive Fax. On the
Receive Fax tab, make sure the correct size is selected from the Paper Size
❏ Windows application you are using
In the Windows application’s Print dialog box, click the setup button
(usually Page Setup or Print Setup). Make sure the correct paper size is
If the L60 LCD display still reads “Check Paper Size”, access the L60
printer properties from the Windows desktop. In the Canon MultiPASS L60
Printer Properties dialog box, click the Paper tab. Make sure the correct
paper size is illustrated in the Selected Paper box.
Does paper not come out of the printer?
Check that you have a bi-directional parallel cable connecting the L60 unit
to your PC. Check your computer’s setup to be sure the primary parallel
port is set to the appropriate printer port, for example, LPT1 or LPT2. Make
sure the Print Setup option of your printing application shows Canon
MultiPASS L60 Printer as the printer selected.
Is the printing not fast enough?
The print options you have selected might be too complex. Set print
options to the basics, such as standard quality, automatic print model,
and so on.
Does the job not print when using DOS?
The L60 printer driver can be used to print documents only in Windows; it
cannot print a job in DOS.
Is the document printing with undesirable results?
You may experience undesirable results when printing a document if you
have the Windows Printing System (or other bi-directional device, such
as a later model laser printer) installed on your computer and you are
attempting to use the same port on which you also have the L60 connected.
Be sure that the L60 is the only device configured to a particular port. The
L60 operates properly only with a dedicated parallel port.
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