Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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3-2    Printing with the L60
Chapter 3
Printing a Document
Once you have installed the software, you are ready to print a
document— from a Windows application, such as Word for Windows—
using the L60. Printer options are initially installed with default settings,
enabling you to print immediately.
The printer options consist of settings that determine the type of output for
your document. For example, when you print a document, the document is
printed to a particular paper size and orientation. For more information,
refer to the “Changing the Printer Settings” section in this chapter.
Instructions for printing a document can vary somewhat for different
Windows application. Therefore, for detailed instructions, refer to the
user documentation for the specific application.
The following instructions summarise the procedures for printing a
To print a document:
1. Within your Windows application, with your document open, click
the print command.
2. In the print dialog box, make sure Canon MultiPASS L60 Printer is
selected as your printer.
Canon MultiPASS L60 Printer displays as the selected printer if you
set it as the default printer when installing the printer driver and
Desktop Manager, as described in the previous chapter.
3. Click the command to print your document (typically OK or Print).
The document is printed to your L60.
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