Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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3-12    Printing with the L60
Chapter 3
To use a small pattern of dots that creates a smooth appearance
with an average range of greyscales. This setting offers a faster
printing speed and is best for printing business graphics.
To randomly place individual dots to achieve subtle greyscale
gradations. This setting is best suited for documents with finely-
detailed graphics or photographic images. The setting takes longer
to print, but offers a higher quality of printed output.
2. Under Intensity, scroll to increase or decrease the level of darkness or
lightness of your graphic.
3. To save your changes and return to the Graphics tab, click OK.
Setting Other Print Options
This section provides information about using the Setup Analyser, Toner
Saving, and how to save your print settings.
To set these options, click the Setting tab in the printer setup or properties
dialog box.
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