Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-19
PC Faxing
The dialog box provides the same fields of information, whether you
are adding or editing a group entry. When editing, previously
defined information is displayed.
2. In the New Fax Group Entry or Edit Fax Group Entry dialog box, in
the Group Name box, enter or change the name you want to assign to
this group.
3. In the Address Book list box, click the individual entry you want to
add to the group and click Add.
4. To remove an entry for the group, click the entry in the group list box
and click Remove.
5. In the Comments box, enter an internal reference for this group
6. Save your entry.
If adding a new group, click Create.
If editing a group, click Replace.
To cancel without saving, click Cancel.
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