Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-31
PC Faxing
Since the Memo field typically contains multiple lines of information, this
variable field does provide automatic text wrapping. However, make
sure the size of the Memo field is large enough to accommodate the
length of  memo text that may be entered on the Send Fax dialog box. If
the Memo field is not large enough, not all the lines of a memo text may
be visible when the fax cover page is sent.
To resize the field:
Click the field and drag any sizing handle.
Changing the Text Attributes
Once you have placed fields in the layout area, you can change the font
and font size for the text to be displayed in the field. You can also choose
a text style (bold, italic, underline). If you have multiple fields to which
you want to assign the same attributes, you can select the fields together
and make the change to all the selected fields. You can change the text
attributes assigned to predefined cover pages installed with the Desktop
You choose the desired font and font size from drop-down list boxes on
the toolbar. The sample text in the variable field reflects the font and font
size you choose.
To change the text attributes:
1. In the layout area, select the field you want to change.
2. Choose the appropriate text attributes:
Select the font and font size from the drop-down list boxes on the
Click Bold, Italic, and/or Underline on the toolbar.
Aligning Fields
When placing the variable fields in the layout area, you may be
concerned with properly aligning the fields, to make them more visually
appealing. You can align two or more selected fields, based on the
position of the first field you select. The first field selected in the set of
fields to be aligned is the anchor for the alignment.
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