Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-2    Scanning
Chapter 6
Overview of Scanning
You can use the L60 to scan documents from the Desktop Manager, or from
a TWAIN-compliant Windows application.
When you scan a document with the Desktop Manager, the ScanGear
window displays. The available scan options enable you to set certain
conditions for scanning. This chapter provides instructions on setting
scan options with the ScanGear window.
When you scan a document with a Windows application, the application
may or may not display the ScanGear window for setting scan options. If
the ScanGear window is not displayed, refer to the documentation for the
Windows application for instructions on setting scan options.
Typically when you scan a document using the ScanGear window, you
scan a preview of the document. The preview image enables you to
review the results of your scanned document and make any needed
adjustments (for example, to size, tone, and so on). When you are
satisfied with the adjustments, you then perform the final scan of the
document. The system places the final image in the Desktop Manager or
your Windows application.
Features of the ScanGear Window
The section provides an overview of the basics of the ScanGear window.
Detailed instructions for using the various commands and components of
the window are provided in later sections of this chapter.
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